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Ionic UV Electrostatic Air Purifier Negative Ion Generator
Electrostatic atlas ionic carbon filter uv air purifier negative ion generator
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Product Description

Ionic Electrostatic Carbon Filter UV Air Purifier Negative Ion Generator


High electrostatic plate traps and eliminate airborne contaminates circulated in the air such as dust
• Extremely quiet and economic in energy consumption
• Provides active oxygen, removes musty odors and kills germs and bacteria in the air
• 254nm wave length UV light can kill the bacteria in the air
• Active carbon filter removes the odors in the air
• Beautiful decorative light
• Ozone output less than 0.05ppm,15mg/hour
• Low power consumption only 12 watts




  • E.S.P. Filtering Surface: 88,000mm. (o.33sqf)
  • E.S.P. Ozone Output Concentration<0.05ppm
  • UVC Wave Length: 253.7nm
  • UV Irradiation Intensity: 550pw/cm2 (30mm distance)
  • Noise Level: 45dB (Noise of ambient is 40dB)
  • Maximum Air Delivery of Air Inlet: 8m³/hr (4.7cfm)
  • Maximum Power - 12W
  • Covers up to 500 SQFT (Per Unit)
  • 17" Tall
  • Negative Ion Generator 
  • Ozone Filter 
  • RoHS Compliant
  • Unit Size (L x W x H): 169x140x420 mm
  • Unit Net Weight: 2 kg

This is the latest model ionic tower air purifier with ozone filter and activated carbon filter plus ultra violet light. The units compact size makes it perfect for any home or office.

No messy filters to replace, simply wipe the blades clean! There are no filters to replace, no complicated settings, very easy and straightforward usage. High electrostatic plate traps dust, pollen, smoke particles as small as 1 micron circulating in the air. 

Provides active oxygen, removes odors and kills germs and bacteria in the air. Ozone output less than 0.05ppm, 15mg/hour. Still significant enough to clean and purify the odors in a 500sqft area.

UPC: 859456003383

SKU: ATL9902
Reviews (1)
Name : Joe
Location :
Title :
Review : Great air purifier for bed room or guest room.

Questions (1)
I like the look of this air cleaner, I have had others in the past that state you could not smell the small amount of ozone they emit, but I could, and I hate that smell. You state that this one also puts out a very small amt. Would you say it was enough to smell? thanks, waiting for your reply Pauletta

Dear Customer, This unit has a low ozone output of less than 0.05 PPM or 15mg/hr. It is rated significant enough to clean and purify the odors in a 500sqft area. I do not believe there will be a pungent or obvious ozone smell emitted from the unit, however there may be an more explicit odor in close proximity to the unit. It does not produce enough ozone to be overbearing but you may be able to smell it up close before it is able to properly disperse into the surrounding air.